We are introducing a NOT-FOR-PROFIT package for organisations that provide services to the community and do not operate to make a profit. As an IT Cloud Services Provider, we created this package for non-technical staff in order to focus more on the organization's vision and mission.


Please click here to see the DEMO

3rd Jan 2018
Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning CE

We are introducing and ready to deploy our VPS Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning CE.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning
Please email us for a demo:

25th Jun 2017
SecuredMail - Mail-in-a-Box

Do you want to control your own email private server without being under a 3rd party, like GMail, Outlook 365 and others?

Try our VPS SecuredMail - Mail-in-a-box, you are in total control and secured from top to bottom.

You can request your email for a demo: e.g., Shoot us an email:

12th Jun 2017
GRAV Flat File CMS Shared Hosting

We are in a good position of giving you the new technology of Flat File CMS, whic is, GRAV.

The first 10 orders will get a premium GRAV template using Gantry 5 from Rocket Theme.

You have to hurry up! This is only a limited offer.

See our DEMO: with eCommerce.

12th Jun 2017
FREE Premium CMS Template

Starting today we are offering one FREE Premium template (RocketTheme and YooTheme) for any WordPress and Joomla Shared Hosting you buy from us. 

Hurry! This is only a limited offer.

5th Apr 2017
WELCOME to Jolliroo Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services is fast, reliable and it is locally located at our data centre in Sydney, Australia. Thank you for choosing Jolliroo Cloud Hosting Services!


1st Mar 2017